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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post college digs

So you just graduated college and moved out of your four bedroom house (with six roommates of course) - only to leave behind the barrage of date party cups, sorority trinkets and "I love college" posters that are ever so common in a student rental.  Now that you're a big kid in a new city, it's only natural to want what all the other big kids have when styling your new digs.  Well I can say from personal experience that the transition from college slum to full-time employee doesn't necessarily mean a cooler more grown up abode.  So taking small steps and thinking creatively can help turn a small one-bedroom apartment into a chic living space.  Please turn your attention to Lauren McGrath's (from Good Bones Great Pieces) first apartment.  And take notes why don't ya...

Flea market lamp and tables - painted in fresh new colors.  A tiny ticking stripe sofa fits the space perfectly.

Curtains from Ikea are cost efficient and the muted colors keep the playful pattern light and airy.

A hand-me-down dresser was painted white and adds extra storage to the living area, while a chair found on Craigslist gets a shiny black paint job and new upholstery.

A cafe set is the right size for this tiny room - and the shelf from Ikea with flea market finds adds personality to a plain wall.

More flea market finds (desk, lucite bench, alabaster lamp) and a great mirror (similar ones can be found at HomeGoods) suit the corner of this bedroom quite nicely.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeling blue? Show me some pink!

So I've gone MIA.  Fallin through the cracks.  Been covered and captured by those stinkin cicadas.  Yes to A and B.  Gross to C.  For those of you who actually read this, I apologize, but my absence will be the random norm.  I'm not very good at this and probably never will be.  And for those who simply don't care... good.  I like you cause you're easy :)

I'm actually home sick today, which really means "oh so you'll be working from home?" in the advertising world.  I thought I would actually take this opportunity to do a leeeeettle post.  Pretty things do indeed make a sick girl feel better.

With that I want to show you one of my all time FAVORITE girlie apartments.  This is from the April 2007 issue of Domino, and you better believe I tore out these pages and saved them in my archives.  It's Jennifer Marsico's NYC abode.