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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!  Here's hoping for more adventures, lots of love and fabulous new memories...

via SMP

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Perfect NYE

I'm pretty sure the most perfect New Year's Eve would consist of a barrage of sparkle and shine.

Friday, July 20, 2012

New rug, new home

I posted about this estate sale rug, not long after a visit to a truly amazing home sale on Belle Meade Boulevard.  The house was incredible, but slightly dated on the interior.  It's always fun to go through large homes like that and see what sort of things the homeowners collected over time.

I really didn't have room for the rug in my place, but I loved the Aztec pattern and the muted shades of pink and mint.  So after showing the rug to my friend, Jordan, she decided it would look great in her new place.  And after a little trip to the rug cleaner, I think she looks great!  Here's the good-as-new version in Jordan's living room...

Even Murphy loves the new rug!

Happy Friday!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Green Hills Estate Sale - Must See

It's Friday, almost 5pm and I thought I would take a quick look at the estate sale web site before bouncing out the door until WAIT... I spotted several amazing pieces for sale.  You have to check these gems out if you're looking to do a little furniture hunting this weekend...

5837 Merrimac Court
Nashville, TN 37215

French provincial desk - this reminds me of my childhood furniture that I loved so much.  Super sweet all spiffed up for a young girl's room.

And this Dorothy Draper style chest is almost hidden from the photo - someone obviously doesn't know what treasure they have on hand.  With some black lacquer you could replicate this, this or this look without replicating the cost!

Dorothy Draper dresser

I could see this bamboo canopy bed transformed into something pretty shaaamazing :)  Like this or this.

Bamboo canopy bed

I love planters, and these with the numbers are too cute to pass up.  

Happy Friday!

Friday, February 17, 2012


After more than a year, I've finally updated my desktop background to this lovely watercolor beach setting.  With spring right around the corner, I'm ready to bid adieu to this winter season (albeit mild), and let white jeans and sandals rule my wardrobe.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


We had a client lunch at Merchant's downtown yesterday, and it's rare that I see this wonderful old establishment in daylight.  I couldn't help but look at all the details highlighted by the sun through the large windows.

The building was constructed in 1870, and was home to a pharmacy on the lower level, a hardware manufacturing company on the second level, and a wholesale drug company on the top floor.  That top floor was famous for making "Blood Medicine," which consisted of alcohol and opium.  The restaurant operates on the first two levels, and keeps the nostalgic charm of the old pharmacy on the first floor.  I absolutely love it.  Check out the photos below.  These are original chevron floors my friends.  The color palette is black and white, and marble graces all the counter tops, floating above the worn black leather stools.  Even the servers play up the retro theme in suspenders, bow ties and crisp white button down shirts.

If you love history and architecture, you should make this a must-see on your next trip to Music City.

All b/w photos via Merchant's

Friday, December 30, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

Well this has been a very strange year for myself.  And writing this post today (which would have been my Granny's 92nd birthday) is also odd.  So much has happened this year that has really changed my perspective on things.  Before looking at what I hope the next year brings, I'll reflect a bit on my post this time last year...

1 - Did I upholster more?  I didn't do one damn thing.. ha!  Life has been busy and that's okay.  I'm not even going to put this on my list for next year because I think I'll just pay a professional to upholster anything beyond basic dining room chairs.

2 - Did I help others?  I wish I had been more altruistic this year, but I have made a step in the right direction. By joining the Junior League, we must fulfill a 40 hour placement at a program affiliated with the League.  I'll start working on my hours in 2012. (count that has a half check mark!)

3 - Did I recycle more?  Uhhh... home run baby!  This tree hugging gal pretty much recycles everything I can. If I had enough patience/time to compost I would probably do that too.  It's easy for me to recycle though, because I'm sort of annoyingly obsessed with it.  Picturing crap in a landfill that can be used to make something else makes me hot in the face.  I've tried to encourage my parents (who do not have roadside recycling pickup) to do the same, but they won't.  That's something to work on with them.

4 - Counted my blessings?  Yup.  And still counting.  The first thing I took of my grandmother's after she passed away this year was an old book first published (by Simon and Schuster) in the 1940's called, Words to Live By.  I almost think she meant for me to find it.  Very inspirational and reminds me that people have always struggled with the same obstacles in life and this book of inspiration and wisdom gives me hope when I'm feeling down.

5 - What about Harry and Sally?!  Timing is still off (per the usual).  So Sally is moving on to bigger and better things :)

So what about 2012?  I'm not making a list this year.  Instead I'm hoping that new doors will open, and new beginnings will bring excitement and cheer.