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Friday, March 30, 2012

Green Hills Estate Sale - Must See

It's Friday, almost 5pm and I thought I would take a quick look at the estate sale web site before bouncing out the door until WAIT... I spotted several amazing pieces for sale.  You have to check these gems out if you're looking to do a little furniture hunting this weekend...

5837 Merrimac Court
Nashville, TN 37215

French provincial desk - this reminds me of my childhood furniture that I loved so much.  Super sweet all spiffed up for a young girl's room.

And this Dorothy Draper style chest is almost hidden from the photo - someone obviously doesn't know what treasure they have on hand.  With some black lacquer you could replicate this, this or this look without replicating the cost!

Dorothy Draper dresser

I could see this bamboo canopy bed transformed into something pretty shaaamazing :)  Like this or this.

Bamboo canopy bed

I love planters, and these with the numbers are too cute to pass up.  

Happy Friday!

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