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Thursday, January 12, 2012


We had a client lunch at Merchant's downtown yesterday, and it's rare that I see this wonderful old establishment in daylight.  I couldn't help but look at all the details highlighted by the sun through the large windows.

The building was constructed in 1870, and was home to a pharmacy on the lower level, a hardware manufacturing company on the second level, and a wholesale drug company on the top floor.  That top floor was famous for making "Blood Medicine," which consisted of alcohol and opium.  The restaurant operates on the first two levels, and keeps the nostalgic charm of the old pharmacy on the first floor.  I absolutely love it.  Check out the photos below.  These are original chevron floors my friends.  The color palette is black and white, and marble graces all the counter tops, floating above the worn black leather stools.  Even the servers play up the retro theme in suspenders, bow ties and crisp white button down shirts.

If you love history and architecture, you should make this a must-see on your next trip to Music City.

All b/w photos via Merchant's

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