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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeling blue? Show me some pink!

So I've gone MIA.  Fallin through the cracks.  Been covered and captured by those stinkin cicadas.  Yes to A and B.  Gross to C.  For those of you who actually read this, I apologize, but my absence will be the random norm.  I'm not very good at this and probably never will be.  And for those who simply don't care... good.  I like you cause you're easy :)

I'm actually home sick today, which really means "oh so you'll be working from home?" in the advertising world.  I thought I would actually take this opportunity to do a leeeeettle post.  Pretty things do indeed make a sick girl feel better.

With that I want to show you one of my all time FAVORITE girlie apartments.  This is from the April 2007 issue of Domino, and you better believe I tore out these pages and saved them in my archives.  It's Jennifer Marsico's NYC abode.

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