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Thursday, November 4, 2010

New use for used candle jars

I love candles!  And my top favorite of all time (which I always have one or two on hand), is Henri Bendel's FIG.  It fills up a room with the best aroma.

After the wick has burned down and the flame has gone out, there is no reason to toss that glass jar away.  If you dig out the wax (put in freezer overnight and the next morning the wax should pop off) and wash the jar, you can re-purpose it for so many different things.  I love putting my makeup brushes and lipsticks in them.  There really is no end to their usage.

My Henri Bendel FIG jar is perfect for holding make-up items.  This one sits on my bathroom counter.

This Royal Apothetic jar was used for holding soap in the downstairs bathroom.  Now it holds lipsticks on my vanity.

I've yet to burn through this candle from Target, but with it's cute gold leaf details, it will later find a happy home for another use.

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