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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upholstering slacker... that's me

Okay, so I'm a huge slacker.  Not only have I not re-caned or re-upholstered this chair yet, but I have recently acquired something else to add to my list of furniture hoarding.  Something else that I need to get upholstered.  Something else that I have no room for.  Why is this such an ordeal for me?  Okay, so I purchased this loveseat/settee from Craigslist.  It was cheap people so my eyes were wide open and I gave in.

Settee via Craigslist
I gave in to my imagination and the notion that I actually had a perfect spot for this.  Well I don't really have a spot per say, but I do know that I'm getting that seat cushion and those pillows re-upholstered (no seriously, I am this time) in a classic blue ticking stripe.

Navy vs. blue I haven't decided yet.  But the ticking stripe is a classic, well-rounded choice, that will look good in most any setting.  My grandmother had hand-me-down homemade feather pillows for my brother and I as a child and this is the fabric that they were made from.  A durable fabric with a touch of sentimental value.

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