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Friday, October 1, 2010

A little boy's room makeover

I think decorating for a little girl or boy's room will be so much fun when the time comes.  But not too soon!  I'm really digging what Janell over at Isabella & Max Rooms did for her son Max's geograhpy themed room.  As I previously mentioned - I'm a geography lover myself.

Max's room - Before
Max's room - After
Ohmygosh I really wish we had an Ikea because I have been wanting that adorable yellow rug!  And those chair makeovers are fabulous too!  Look at part of the wall, it's a chalkboard which I adore because kids have the best imaginations and watching those come alive is so much fun.  But my favorite part of the room is the compass artwork around the light fixture.  How creative...

Super cuteness all around!

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