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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Artwork on Demand

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this before, but one of my favorite things is to find artwork in unconventional ways.  Such as taking old calendars or book pages and adding your own custom or store bought frame.  Or if you're looking for something different with a touch of history, you should try visiting Vintage Printables.  This site has a mass collection of public domain images.  If you can sift your way through the somewhat confusing navigation, then you will find vintage images from old Playboy covers (totally G rated!) to botanical and animal prints and mythological creatures to antique denistry tools.  Just click and download the image and print anyway you like.

Bicycles via Vintage Printables
Catesby duck via Vintage Printables
1923 Playboy cover via Vintage Printables
3-color process via Vintage Printables
Livres de fleures via Vintage Printables
Vain Valentine via Vintage Printables
Mythological mermaid via Vintage Printables

Cathy - at HomeGoods Diva Decorating site - had the same idea as me.  She took the images from Cavallini's Natural Wonders 2008 calendar and used the beautiful sea prints with French text in the background to frame and display above her mantle.

Calendar prints turned into fresh artwork
I have pages from the same calendar framed in my room, however I'm thinking about switching them out for images from Cavallini's Vintage Maps 2011 calendar.  Cavallini papers are some of my favorite to frame.  They are a good size and printed on a thick off-white paper stock.  The colors just pull you in.
I'm into the whole map thing right now for framed art!

Cavallini has a nice collection of large calendars to choose from, but they do sell out quick so I would grab one now before the holiday (wow so soon!) shopping begins.

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  1. I love love the idea of framing calendar images...the vintage maps would look great!