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Friday, September 24, 2010

we, we! Paris!

I'm pretty excited about my $4.50 purchase from Amazon.  It's a 28" x 20" vintage looking map of Paris, France.  Geography was one of my favorite subjects in school and I have to say I'm pretty darn good with directions too.  When I was younger I actually requested my parents purchase me an atlas one year just so I could learn about the layout of other cities... weird, yes I know.  But I could kill a lot of time staring at maps.  Here is a picture of the one I purchased.  I'm hoping to go out and find a frame for it this weekend!

You'll have to click on the image to make it bigger - and then you can see all the cute details... like the 2-D buildings and the muted colors.  Once this is up on the wall it probably won't be too long before I have the streets and rivers memorized ;)
Heureux vendredi! Au revoir!

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