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Monday, August 16, 2010

One chair, some spray paint and a touch of velvet

Okay so I'm hoping this post puts a little pep in my step.  You see I purchased this chair off Craigslist.  I got it for only $20 with the intention of giving it a little TLC and turning it into a beautiful masterpiece! This is my first DIY project when it comes to furniture makeovers - and I still have high hopes, I just need a much higher level of motivation.  You see, when I bought the chair it had a dark stain finish.  I stripped the wood (it took FOREVER) down to the bare essentials and sanded and sanded and sanded.  Then I moved on to spray painting, which is what you see today.  Actually, I have done a little detail work since and hand painted some of the pretty little edges and flowers in a light gray.  It looks pretty good I think!  So back to where I originally started... I needed to post this picture so I could get excited about the soon-to-be (crossing my fingers!) outcome.  Next steps: take the chair to The Cane'ery to get the bottom re-caned.  And then the cushion (not pictured) that came with, is getting a makeover all its own - a luxe charcoal velvet fabric will replace the old and gross calico print.

See the pretty details!

 I'm really excited about using velvet for the cushions.  I'm in awe of what this fabric can do to such traditional chairs! Ooooo la la!

Pink velvet Louis chairs

And I'll take both of these too please!
Blue velvet arm chairs

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