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Friday, August 27, 2010

Finders Keepers

After heading out with my roommate to pickup our dry cleaning, we decided to stop in a consignment furniture store within the same strip mall as the cleaners.  The store, Finders Keepers, has a pretty big collection of pre-owned sofas, dining tables, mirrors, headboards, lamps, pictures, etc.  I typically always see something I like, but don't usually buy anything as I would have no where to put it!  As soon as you walk in you are supposed to grab a discount slip.  This tiny piece of paper is color coded with discounts of the day.  So everything with an orange sticker is 30% off, blue is 10%, and so on.  The deals are pretty good and most pieces are in good condition.  No sooner than we made our way around the store, I noticed a wall of frames and pictures.  This one in particular caught my eye...

"Span Tritt" by Josef H. Plank

It's a painting on silk.  This photograph doesn't give the image much to favor, but the rich colors on the silk fabric are really nice.  I also did a little research and the artist is Josef H. Plank - he was born in 1815 in Triol, Austria where he was a historical and portrait painter.  This picture above titled "Span Tritt" was a painting of a famous Lipizzaner horse from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.  I didn't find any other information really so I'm not sure the worth of this painting or any other historical references.  Regardless of it's worth to anyone else, I paid $28 (after my 30% discount) and now it's displayed happily on the wall in my living room.

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