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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler

I'm leaving for The Big Easy tomorrow - one of at least ten trips I've made there within the past two years.  Mainly trips for work, but also to visit close friends.  I've got to say, there truly is no other city like New Orleans.  I love everything from the street cars, seersucker suits (they originated here you know), historic homes on St. Charles, to the shops on Magazine St. and the taste of crawfish etoufee and bread pudding.

In recent months I've been itching to have some original New Orleans artwork.  Artists sell their handmade work all over Jackson Square - beautiful watercolors, charcoal drawings and oil paintings galore.  I'd love to own one of these in my home.
Artwork by Debra Hurd
Artwork by Angel Turner Dyke
Another thing I love about New Orleans style is the French character that's embedded into all aspects of the city.  I adore antiques - especially those of the French variety.  I'm not talking gaudy, over-the-top formal pieces (with the exception of gold guilded mirrors), but classic Louis IX chairs and settees.  Huge living rooms with wide baseboards and tiled marble floors.  Chandelier medallions and ornate crown moldings.  I love taking traditional classic pieces and mixing them in with newer styles.  These pretty pieces have found their way into my heart.

via Trouvais
via Horchow
French Bank Table c. 1930
via House Beautiful
You can be sure there will be more posts on beautiful French pieces to come!  'Au revoir!

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