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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Antiques & Garden Show

Nashville's Antiques & Garden Show just wrapped up it's 21st year this past weekend.  This annual show brings together renowned experts and exhibitors in the fields of antiques, decorative arts and landscape design. Offering 150 antique and horticultural booths and many innovative landscaped gardens for shoppers and enthusiasts, this show is the largest in the country that combines antiques and gardens (that's a quick little blurb I stole from a promo page... tehee).

This was my second year attending and it was really really amazing!  You can sign up to hear speakers and meet with famous designers, but I enjoyed just hanging out for a couple hours snapping photos, browsing booths and lusting after gorgeous albeit high-priced antiques.  Here are some of the pieces I loved...

c' 1860 iron staircase with quatrafoil cut-outs

Wood and iron latticed windows, with small animal skulls in the center

c' 1888 chromolithograph of cow.  I liked this because I grew up on a farm with lots of beef cattle.

Stool with faux (I think) animal legs

Loved loved loved this wood and cotton rug.  It was reasonably priced too, but with being in between homes right now I couldn't guarantee it would work
A little blurry, but it's a print of a Memphis steamboat on the Mississippi River

I WANT THIS bar cart.  The brass detailing was precious and the size was perfect

I love the contrast of these vintage bust sketches inside modern chrome frames

Don't think I left empty-handed.  This is the only thing I purchased at the show.  A vintage cast iron bottle opener in the form of a mermaid.  Very whimsical and perfect for laying around.

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